Thursday, October 08, 2009

Have to remember

*The radio was on, rare in this house (wanting to change that).
*Merci was dancing to fulfill her daily 15 minutes of Move it Time for this program the school is doing. Me saying yes to her throwing herself around the living room is rare too (I know, I am a bit uptight...working on that).
*Ethan came in the room and was going to dance with Merci, but it was here time for the shower...late, so she had to hurry. She told him to dance with me, at that moment I didn't have anything to attend to so I said sure.
*I got down on my knees and danced with my boy (felt good to actually have to stoop down to someone else's level for once!!).
*We danced, he kept trying to kiss is a passionate one...he loves to show affection...we was precious.
*I told him how much I loved him and couldn't believe he was the little baby that was one in my tummy.
*He told me he loved the cats more than me. I wasn't black and white and furry and have a tail
*I assured him I could grow one ;) Then I showed him all the fur on my arms:)
*We cuddled in my bed, he cuddled with daddy too...we all prayed in our bed together and the kids went to bed.
*I grabbed my laptop and got into my bed, where I am now waiting for hubby to be out of the shower.
*Next: We cuddle, and talk, and go to sleep early!


FlipFlop Mom said...

This is so SWEET!!! I LOVE It!!!!

amy said...

so precious; great memory making!

Renata said...

Very sweet!