Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Giant Eagle sale/coupon match up 10/29-11/4

All sale prices shown are good from Oct 29-Nov 4

REMEMBER All coupons up to .99 are doubled automatically at Giant Eagle!

**if listing is in blue, I have not checked the store to make sure this deal works or is a good price yet...but I will...and then I will update***

New to trying to save $$...go here for some tips!
Don't have these coupons I am talking about try looking here for some of the same ones or similar: will link to coupons when I can.

Yoplait yogurt cups -20/$10=.45ea
$1 off instantly WYB *(when you buy) 20
You might have 1 or more .40/6 coupons to make this a better deal If you had enough you could use up to 3 coupons making these yogurts only .33ea print a few .50/6 coupons to make this better
You will see more yogurt deals on the list, that I think are don't have to buy 20...but some people love them their yoplait!

McCormick Vanilla or Vanilla extract 25% off print $1 off coupon...this might end up being a ok deal...not sure on reg price

Nature Valley Nut Clusters 4/$10=2.00 ea
I have 2 printables from awhile back (not currently available)1.60 off making these .40 a bag...woo-hoo...BUT
you may have $1.oo off coupons from the paper or here...making these $1, still a decent deal.

Pillsbury Grands! Jr Golden Layers 1oct or Grands or Cinamon Rolls 5ct 6/$6
$4 off your next shopping trip-coupon prints at checkout-this is called a catalina coupon
You might have .40/2 coupons for grands or cinnamon rolls...they were in Sundays might have some from previous weeks as well and you can print some here...there is .30/2 grands and .40/2 cinnamon rolls...remember you can print 2 of each coupon from each computer...if they are still available!

***You can use up to 3 coupons since you are buying 6 items to make this lets do the math:
6.00-.80(.40 doubled)-.80(another .40 doubled doubled)-.60(a .30 doubled)=$3.80 plus you will get the $4 coupon off your next trip or another transaction that day to *GE (Giant Eagle), so you really making $ on this deal...AWESOME!! Oh and you get some really yummy rolls=)
[this deal could be better if you have better coupons...I have a .50/2, you might have 3 .40/2...and so on]

Totinos Pizza Rolls 10/$10 or $1 ea
you may have .40/2 coupons=2 for 1.20 or .60 ea
It is nice to have these in your freezer for the kids on Saturdays or a movie night snack!

Breyers Inspirations, Yo Crunch 100 cal packs or Disney yogurt 6-pks 3/$6 or 2.00 ea
you may have (I have lots, I stock up anticipating this sale!!) .50 off Breyers Insp, .75 off Disney or .75 off Yo Crunch= .50 ea for Yo Crunch packs and .50 ea Disney pack and $1 ea Breyers Insp yogurt!!

Angel Soft TP 10/$10 or $1 ea
you may have .50 of angel soft 4 pk...I stock up on these coupons too...after the coupon doubles you just got a FREE pack of TP

NOW for the tricky BUT GREAT deal!!
1 FREE Wilton medium cake pan or medim cookie sheet instantly (you have to go to the pan isle and pick up the pan, and scan it at the register, but the full amt will be deducted)
when you purchase any 4 baking products in a singel transaction (you must buy all 4 at the same time)
participating products:
Betty Crocker frosting 2/$3 or $1.50 Sundays paper had a .50 coupon = .50 ea
Betty Crocker Cake mix or Brownie Mix 4/$5 or $2.50
Betty Crocker cookie pouch mixes 4/$8 or $2 sundays paper had .40 coupon or print here or here= 1.20 ea
Betty Crocker Muffin Mix or Bisquick 4/$8 or $2 print .60 bisquick = .80 for bisquick

So mix any 4 of these deals...and get a free pan plus cheap treats to stock up for the holiday season!!

I would choose the 4 that will be the cheapest out of pocket price-I've done this deal a few times and it works fine!! And Ive got nice clean cookie sheets=)

I am here to answer!! I want to get you guys saving money so I hope this isn't too much info at once, I just tried to explain it all out for you! It takes a bot to write out your list and gather coupons, but it gets easier every time!

There are other deals to be had at Giant Eagle, these are some of the best!
A deal is a deal if it is a cheaper price than you normally pay for an item!


Rachel H. said...

awesome list! Thanks!

And yes, you should get sewing! :) It's tons of fun and easy to learn!!

2 Toddlers and Me said...

More great deals! Thanks so much. I am in need of a number of items on your list, so I'll be heading to GE shortly.

Mom2Amara said...

I was watching GMA and saw a woman who spent over $260 and literally paid one penny for her purchase. I am so envious of women like you!

Thanks for visiting the blog. I'm sorry I wasn't able to meet up with you and the other bloggers at the Circus. Maybe next time!

Crystal said...

Very nice! I like giant eagle but they're always so expensive. Deals like this are great!