Monday, November 02, 2009


Isn't is annoying when you are somewhere and your cell phone goes blank in the middle of a conversation? Or when you are somewhere and there is absolutely no cell reception (like at my church)??It is like 2010 shouldn't there cell towers everywhere by now??
I think we pay enough for our cell phones that they can make us all happy.
But anyway...I am thankful for cell phones, they come in so handy, like when you see dresser on the treelawn down the street and you also see the garbage truck right down the street and you call your hubby and ask him ever so nicely to go get the dresser.
Woo- hoo we got a free dresser, not bad at all either.
And then you get to contact an expecting friend and ask if she wants like 50 baby hangers for her little guy and she says YES!!


Mom2Amara said...

What are you plans for the dresser? Will you be refinishing it? Painting it? I love a new project!

Donna said...

It is in my daughters room for a few months until we get the one from a friend that goes with her bed and paint that...the one we got yesterday needed some wood glue and tightened screws but is totally fine...light colored wood...will be great for little boys room when the one for my daughter is done=)