Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The great basement project

A little background info. We bought our first house in January, this year. Hubby started making a room down there (it was on big room), super fast he did so much and then...the weather got nice and he had to start working again. Good and bad. The basement has sat all Spring and Summer. Getting the itch to work on it again, hoping to have it done for the holidays. We have much to do, paint walls and floor, get carpet (cannot install because of wetness factor, there will be a perimeter around the room with just the painted concrete), decide and buy couches, stain or paint entertainment until and book shelves that hubby made. UGH.

The main purpose for this room is for the TV and video game systems. We want the TV out of sight out of mind...right???...hopefully more than it is now. After we stain the entertainment unit, and hubby mounts it in, the motivation will come...right???;) So much work but the aftermath will be great!!

Cheer us on.

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