Friday, May 11, 2007

Triple Whamy

I have been sick since Sunday. I had one day where I felt great and then it started all over again.
I got a call from Merci's school yesterday telling me to pick her up, she had a fever and soar throat. I took her to the doctor and she tested positive for strep, I had them check Ethan too, he has been very crabby, not sleeping and not eating, I thought it was just him being 2 1/2, but he was positive for strep too.
Last night I got a high fever and it lasted all night, I was miserable this morning and the left side of my throat was very soar, only the left side though.
I haven't been to a doctor since I had Ethan. My doctor before that left the practice to do something else in the hospital, and we don't have insurance, so I was kinda at a dead end as what to do. I came across the number to the old doctor ( his name was Dr Seuss...seriously!) because I remembered there was a new doctor taking over the practice. I asked them if I could just come in for only the strep test because I was positive I had it. No, I had to have a new patient price, blah blah. Cheaper than I thought though, so I went. I don't have strep, but I have a double ear infection and tonsillitis. There are mucus pockets in my tonsils on the left side. That is why only the left side hurt.
3 of us sick and stuck at home today. Kids are feeling better, Ethan is still not eating, except for what HE wants, Merci doesn't have a fever and I haven't had one since 6:30 this morning. We are all on antibiotics (mine was on the house~samples~since it was a pricey prescription and he knew I didn't have insurance). Praise God, because I don't think I would have been too happy paying the $150 for it!
Pray that we get better soon!


Summer said...

Let me first say that I like your blog.That sucks that all three of you are sick at once. Hope you all feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Donna, I am praying for quick healing for all three of you!