Thursday, May 24, 2007


I hate that we have to fear for our children's safety. I hate that when I watch the news and you see parents pleading for their children's safe return, you can't but help think that could be you. I trust God and I try not to live in fear daily, but you really just never know. Bad things do happen to Christians too. This sweet little girl Madeline that is missing...why did she deserve this?? Why did someone feel like they had the right to come in and snatch her away? It makes my heart hurt. I just watched an interview with her parents, as the father gave a speech the mother stood there looking lost, alone, unwhole. I wanted to cry for her. I am disgusted that this happens. I guess this just makes me ready for heaven a whole lot more, at least me and my kids will be safe there.

Pray for this family, for this precious, pure little girl. Lord you know where she is, be with her every second help her feel a peace that is from you, let her experience you and be able to share you with her family when she returns, Lord I pray she returns. Otherwise take care of her up there and watch over us daily so we don't have to experience this hurt. Jesus we are ready for revival, for MORE of YOU and less of the enemy.


Crystal said...

Amen! Lord we are ready for you. I saw her little face on a magazine and almost started crying. Yes Lord, bring her home safe and sound.

Christy said...

I read her story in my People magazine and I cried! I can't even imagine what her parents are going through. There hearts must be breaking! Life is so precious!