Monday, May 21, 2007

Random tidbits

I like that on the weekends I don't have much time to sit around and blog or read others blogs. I feel like I do too much of this during the week! I am usually doing work on the computer for school or for our business, and when I get bored(often!), I blog or read blogs. So the weekend is a nice break.

We had a busy weekend. I love having things to do. This weekend was super busy though. We had something Fri night, Saturday and Sunday. Busy, Busy!

On Wednesday Merci has a Spring concert t school and she has a solo!! It is only "The leaves are turning green" but it is a solo! I am proud of her. I will be sure to video tape it and post it on my blog!

Merci is also going to be done with 1st grade in less than 3 weeks. Where does time go?

And on a complaining not, my Jeep needs lot of repairs, I was informed today that if I drive on my tires anymore I would be risking our lives. YIKES, that is scary. Good thing money isn't tight right now, not plentiful but not tight! But when you have a stupid SUV tires cost a pretty penny! And we just replaced all the tires on Josh's F250 a few weeks ago (now those were EXPENSIVE!!) And the day after he got them one got a screw right into the part that cannot be fixed, so we had to buy another. The nice guy gave it to us at cost this time only $109, yeah right, only!! That is a lot of $$. Ok I will stop complaining. I am very blessed to even have a car, huh??

And if anyone knows how to do Quickbooks really well, e-mail me huh?? It is so hard to figure things out on my own!

Talk to you all soon!


Wendy said...

I agree with you! I love that the warm weather is here and we are busy all weekend also. Since I am home all day, I check blogs during naps and quiet times, so I don't miss too much during the weekend!

I wish I could help you with Quickbooks! Too confusing for me;)

Bek said...

awwwwww, can't wait to hear merci's solo. she did a great job dancing sunday, too, donna, i meant to tell you.

Autumn said...

yes, you are blessed to have a car!!! (and hopefully I will soon)