Wednesday, May 02, 2007

As you can tell

As you can tell, I am home. I have been mostly posting sponsored posts to make up for the week I didn't do any! Sorry, but for the money I just can't help myself...ya know. Who doesn't like a few extra disposable bucks?? ( I n the next 2 week about $60 bucks will be in my paypal account..woohoo!)

Anyway...the post about the Grocery Game (scroll down a couple of posts) was NOT a paid post, it is real and something I did sign up for. I will let you know how I like it and maybe give you some tips=)

Things are going ok since we have been home. Merci is now sick (Ethan got sick the night we got to PA and Riley got it the day we were leaving...stomach bug) and the brakes on my car went bad right before we left and my wonderful hubby is trying to get them fixed (he ran into a few problems and rain last night), and on top of that I am trying to get the house back together and finish up my 2 college courses in the next 2 weeks, on top of the daily things. I know all you moms understand!! So I am busy, busy!

Well I better go get some studying done before nap time is over. Bye!

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Crystal said...

Oh, wow Donna! You are busy! I can relate with the studying. God bless you guys in your times of chaos!