Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Magnum Xl 200

The Magnum is one of everyone's favorite coaster at Cedar Point. It was introduced in 1989 as one of the biggest coasters round. The Magnum lifts you up 205 ft high with a vertical drop of 195 ft with a top speed of 72 mph.

And my 7 year old baby girl rode this as her first roller coaster, besides the one at the kiddie park=)

In the picture you can see Merci next to my brother Nate, Daddy behind her and I am behind my brother and My other brother's girlfriend Colleen is behind me.
What a great picture, huh??

If you any of you blogging buds ever come out this way to Cedar Point let me know and I will have to meet you there=) It is great for kids and adults!!


Wendy said...

I can not believe that Merci went on that!! She looks awesome in that picture!! I don't even think that I would go on that ride and I LOVE rides!! Wesley is a whimp and still wont do more than the kiddie rides, which he is way too old for:)

I wish we were closer because I would so be there!

Summer said...

That picture is so aswesome!! Looks like an awesome roller coaster!!