Monday, September 17, 2007

It is here and it works!

My camera came again today, and it WORKS=)
But they did only send 1/3 of these things Josh ordered . Hopefully the others are on their way.

So excited to use it.
Ethan was excited too and made me take tons of pictures of him playing with his new truck.
He was so cute!

I will definitely be taking the kids to the valley later to take some pictures of y cuties and enjoy the crisp Fall weather.

Check back for pictures soon.
That is if I can work through setting up the camera software on the computer, cuz Josh won't have time tonight.

Have a good Monday=)

I also will be posting a fun thing for all of my readers to take part in!!

Also if you are interested in reading about my weekend go down 2 posts or click on the weekend link. Sorry I had to do a paid post my kids grew from last winter and need new clothes, so I will be doing lots in the next few weeks=)

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Wendy said...

YAY for your new camera, again:) Is this the same one or did you order a complete different type?