Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I can't believe how much I have got done today!!

I pushed myself to get my rough draft done last night so I could actually acomplish stuff besides school work.

Merci is feeling pretty well, still a little under the weather.

I woke up and began preparing some Jambalaya in the slow cooker to take to a friend who just had a precious baby girl.
I also make some fruit and yogurt popsicles.
I then got the kids ready, myself showered and ready, out the door by 10:30 so I could stop and get some coffee before I picked up my Mary Kay order, then off to Malley's candy and ice cream store for the promised ice cream if the kids promised to behave for the rest of the errands
(YEA RIGHT...why do I bother).
Then to babies R Us to pick out a baby shower gift, realized the high chair we were gonna get was at Target, so I wasted my time stopping there. I did pick up a cute basket to put some other gifts in. Then off to Target to get the high chair, that was already purchased...UGH.
Picked out some other stuff, hope the other chipping in approve.
The tot he grocery to get a few things (this is nap time and E gets bad withing minutes), home to a huge temper tantrum, he finally falls asleep.
I clean the MESSY kitchen, put the gift together, make 2 kinds of cookies (the pouch kind) for the meal I am taking, make some phone calls, decide to make muffins for company in the morning, have to cook and puree spinach for them (don't ask...I will let you know how they turn out) clean the kitchen that got really MESSY again. Decide I should roast some chicken and veggies just in case the Jambalaya is too spicy for the nursing mom.
Package up the chocolate for Michelle who won a few weeks ago (yep, I am a slacker).
We then go outside, finally a bit warm, vacuum and clean out car, and now I am here typing this.
I have to leave to deliver meal, pick up my mom and got to my brothers house for my pottery class.

See ya later!

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Wendy said...

Wow! You were a busy little bee:) Sweet of you to bring all those yummy treats over for your friend!!