Saturday, March 22, 2008

The day is done

What a crazy day we had.
Today was the big moving day. Not for us unfortunately, but for my grandmother.
She is getting older and needed to get out of her huge 4 bedroom home, that she has been in for 47 years (that is A LOT of years!)
It is hard to say bye to that house for all of us.
All of our holidays were celebrated there (sadly tomorrow is the first holiday NOT celebrated at her home).
We had a lot of helping hands so the move went well. All the big stuff is out and minor, misc stuff is left.
(I will be helping take stuff over with my Jeep throughout the week)

Oh did I mention, we had about a foot of snow awaiting us this morning?
Uhggg...But it actually wasn't all that cold out, so it was fine.

Now on to tomorrow.

I am teaching children's church (E boys class, a class I normally don't teach), but I am very excited.

We then head to Josh's family's house and then to my mom's house.

I have about 5 bags packed of all the stuff I need to take these places, I am exhausted and I am not sure tomorrow will be any less stressful.

HE is Alive and I will be joyful in knowing that=)

Happy Easter you all.

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