Monday, March 24, 2008

::In case::

In case you were wondering, our Easter was better than I thought.
Teaching the little kids at church was fun and running here and there wasn't so bad either.
Merci is still a bit feverish, but hanging in there.

I am still in my PJ's and it is 2 PM.
I have been working on laundry, occupying the kids, feeding the kids, cleaning up here and there and writing my rough draft research paper for my English class (only on paragraph 2 of a 4 page paper).
Us moms have so much to juggle, how the heck do we do it?
If this is an A paper I will be most surprised.

Off to eat some more stale peeps and write more of my paper!
Wish me luck.


Autumn said...

ewww. don't eat stale peeps. unless it's just your thing.

eat something you LOVE.

amy said...

glad the day went well.

poor merci - no fun to be sick on vaca!

i thought the same thing as aut - i know you love peeps, but stale peeps? that's a new one. : )

Bek said...

stale peeps :)

loved reading your excerpt from journal a few posts back...

Melissa said...

Good luck on your paper !!

Andrea said...

I'm glad your Easter was better than you though! I hope Merci's feeling better soon though...and I love staying in my Pj's until the afternoon! hehe. :) Good luck on that paper...and by the way, your blog is viewing normally for me now! yay!

Wendy said...

Stale peeps...I have heard that people love them that way:) I don't even like them all fresh and puffy! I hope that you did well on your paper. I keep saying that I want to take some classes, but there is no way right now. Not while I am watching all these kids at home. Maybe once Lani is in school?!? Hmm...

I also hope that Merci is all better...:(