Tuesday, July 12, 2005


So I think I will copy of Autumn and do 30 things about me!!
1. Me was around when her mom and dad graduated high school
2.Me graduated from John Marshall High School
3.Me had a daughter at the age of 19
4. Me got married at the age of 19
5.Me go her thumb ran over by an ice skate in 4th grade
6.Me went ice skating EVERY friday night for at least 2 years (during ice skating season that is)
7.Me wants to be a midwife or doula (I think)
8.Me wants to tavel to Africa to help women give birth to and raise their children
9.Me is having a hard time coming up with these things
10.Me has been to Mexico 2 times
11.Me's middle name is Rochelle
12.Me loves frogs
13.Me went to Baldwin Wallace college for 1 semester
14. Me lived in the same dorm as Kurt Staver
15.Me broke her leg sled riding on Christmas day when she was 4
16.Me really wants to give this kitten away
17.Me really like EBAY
18. Me spends too uch time on computer
19.Me got in a accident in driving school...not my fault! ( A drunk guy rear ended me)
20.Me collects PEZ
21.Me loves Joshy Ray Schuster
22.Me car is a piece of poo, no AC, window stuck down, oil leak, radio works only when it wants.....Hey you guys can buy me Terry's dream car for Christmas=)
23.Me has never been on vacation with her husband(alone), in 5 years!!
24.Me wants to move away from Cleveland
25. Me loves ice cream
26.Me is going to be a cousin again!
27.Me loves Jesus
28.Me is bored right now
29.Me wants to go see Charlie and the Chocolate factory
30 Me is done!


Autumn said...

Donna! Let's get a group together and go see Charlie and the Chocolate factory on Tuesday... $4.00 admission plus a free popcorn!

Anybody game?

Donna said...

Sounds great I was thinking about that because I don't want to pay $50 to go see a movie!! Josh is excited to see JOhnny Depp as Wonka too. We like him, I am just not sure he was the best pick for this movie. I hate when they ruin good old movies, like Cat in the Hat and The grinch that stole Christmas. Perfect kid storied the first time and in my opinion not suited for kids the 2nd time around!