Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Crazy day of doctor's visits

Yesturday was a day of doctor visits.

Merci had her 5 year check up, and Kindergarten shots..hahaha that was FUN. After a few minutes of talking her into it and trying to get her to allow the shots, I ended up holding her down while the nurse quickly tortured her with 4 shots! She was screaming her head off and I was laughing my head off. some moms cry along withtheir children I laugh, not sure why. She is growing really well 75th percentile in height 43", and 50th percentile in weight 37 1/2 pounds. Only 3 more pouns and no more carseat. I rewarded her bravery (even though she wasn't brave) with Dairy Queen. She refuses to remove the bandaids and makes up all these excuse, i can't clean my room my leg hurts etc. My drama Queen.
Ethan was supposed to get a shot at his last visit but they were all out so he had to get one also. He cried this pathetic litle cry for less than a minute and than he was OK!
Josh has his 1 week follow up with his leg. They removed the cast and x-rayed again in case of a displacement of the bones, thankfully they were still in alignment!! Thank You Lord. He got a new cast put on, black this time instead of bright orange. He is excited that nobody can write on it. I am going to buy a paint marker and write" OOPS I DID IT AGAIN" know Britney Spears song. I think I will do it when he is sleeping.
So after a few hours of being in docotors offices we went to Pizza Hut and got a free lunch from my aunt!
Today was a nice day home, we did go to the library and Walmart. Other than that nothing exciting here. Bye BYE.


Bek said...

we went to pizza hut today too - i don't know when the last time i ate IN at pizza hut was - but did u know mon-we 530-830 they have 599 buffet?? just thought i'd pass on that little piece of Josh is doing...okay? what is the time frame? is it healing any faster?? still praying....

Jason said...

Do it Donna! I want to call Josh "Britney".