Friday, July 08, 2005

Day 7: Cleveland Vacation

Israle rides Clifford...with a hitchhiker!

Ethan makes silly faces in the mirror

What cuties! Ethan loves his big sis!!

Arianna eats almost this whole cake!!

Only Davey!!

Today was a pretty good day!! My Grandma, my Aunt, Ethan and I went to the WestSide Market. It felt so weird to be shopping in a market instead of our Americanized grocery store! I like it. Go so nice fresh meat and some fruit and veggies..not too many though. My father works downtown at the food terminal where ALL of the produce is shipped to grocery store. He says the produce at the West Side Market is all of their bad stuff. You can find goos stuff, don't get me wrong. I like it anyway!
My Aunt from Virginia came in town this weekend and she took Merci for a day out for her birthday. They went to McD's, out for ice cream and to see Madagascar! And I got a break. I even got a nap in today=)
At 5:00 we went to my parents for sub sandwiches and root ber floats! Yummy! And then out the door we hurried to make it to Arianna Morales's 1st birthday party!!!! At Chuck E Cheese!!
What a blast we had with all the little kids. The Bruckmans, The Goles and The Adams were there. The little boys were so cute together! Israel, Ethan and Noah got to ride their first rides. Ariana ate almost a whole cake by herself and Davey had fun dancing with Chuck E!!! . A fun filled day! Tommorow is Merci's 5th birthday!!

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Bek said...

donna - u r quick girl! ya, that was fun tonite! israel just passed out on the changing table (which hes never done) b/c he was so tired from all the fun.