Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Day 4: Cleveland Vacation

Today we were supposed to go to the zoo. Josh, Ethan and I went to the Orthopedic doctor. Josh got a cast and we got a pretty $1225 bill. Can you believe $1200 for a visit with a doctor. The breakdown was $700...basically for the doc to agree with the ER doctors diagnosis and to look at the xrays..already supplied, $140 office visit...and get this only $40 for the cast supplies, which is all we really needed! There were all these other charges that I don't remember. But for the 1 visit with this doctor $1200. I am just exasperated at the ridiculousness of it. I was expecting maybe like $200, it was an office visit. No xrays no exam, the frickin doctor didn't even touch his leg, walked in the room and said hi blah blah blah. You will need a cast blah blah for 6-8 weeks, come back in 1 week for another xray. Ok sorry I had to complain it really ticked me off. Anyway..Merci got to go to the zoo though! We also went to my grandmas for chili dogs and root bear! See when we go to Michigan there is this bar that offers $.50 chili dogs on Tuesday nights, so we treid to recreate the memory! They have bottle root bear which my family raves over but I find no difference to the 2 liter. The only thing missind was the hilbilee with all his missing teeth playing the washboard and banjo! Oh yeah and we couldn't throw the peanuts on the ground! It is a fun time when we are in Michigan, not the same here but oh well! We got to be with our family=) It has been a rough few days I am beat! Pray for my strength and grace! Love you all!!!


TMoss said...

We are praying for you guys and if there is anything we can do to help please let us know.

Jason said...

You know how you should have done it? You should have gone there and been like, can I call Dr. Evil directly? No? **you see a guy in a white coat with a sinister look on his face walking down the hall** Dr. Evil! Hi, the nurses over there have already taken my information but my, umm, sister-in-law just got into a car accident and I need to go now. Can you take a look - don't worry, I'll pay up. Me? My name is Jose Canseco and this is my wife Vanna White. I notice you have prescription paper there, could you do me a favor and write out exactly what I will need on it? Thanks.

Angela said...

I remember that place. Good Times, Good Times!!!

At least your making memories though.