Friday, July 08, 2005

Day 6: Cleveland Vacation

Thursday we went to Hartville Market Place and Hartville Kitchen. It is out near Akron. The Hartville Kitchen has really yummy homecooked food,a nd some little souvenier shops and a bakery..Oh the stuff they had..YUM YUM! Hartville Marketplace is an outdoor and indoor flea market thing. They were selling fruits, veggies(really cheap 5lbs of sweetpotatoes for $1, 6-7 zuchinis for $1 etc.). They also had little specialty shops and more food! We had fun and got some good deals.

Later on that night we headed to Dave and Busters, of course that was fun!! Just think me and my Grandma racing on the virtual reality jet skis!!THANKS KELLY AND JASON for watching my crazy children and kitten! I love you guys and owe you a night out at a restauraunt!!

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