Monday, July 25, 2005

A few things

Today we FINALLY picked out Ethan's glasses. His appointment was over a month ago. I don't even know if he wil have his glasses by our next appointment. I wasn't sure what to do, so we did get a second opinion, and the Dr. confirmed his lazy eye. I did learn a little more from this doctor. Becasue Ethan doesn't have a crooked lazy eye, is good news. This means there is no loss of vision or anything else. So in time his eye should and WILL ( I have FAITH) correct itself! Well this 2nd Dr. would only prescribe big yucky plastic frames, they weren't that bad but I just couldn't do it. We FINALLy found a place that carried infant sized glasses ( this was really hard). They had the cutest little metal framed ones I have ever seen. Oh he looks so smart. I can't wait to show off my cute little 4 eyed baby!!

My mom decided to get a kitten. She fell in love with this little blue eyed baby. He is white with brown tiger stripes and brown ears. His dad is thought to be a siamese (not sure) and his momma a calico. I suggested the name "hugs" because he looks like a hershey hug! And it stuck! So meet little Hugs!! He is cuter than Pokey! I still love my little crazy kitten though. Oh quick story..Yesturday Josh and I were looking at pictures on the computer and saw a picture of our old cat, Carmen (he was the sweetes kitty ever and we miss him lots! He went missing around Halloween time, I forgot to lock him in the house) And so we were reminising and Merci came over and said " That looks like Carmie" and we said "it is". She was holding Pokey (our new little devil kitten) and just let go and DROPPED him as she said "OHHHHH"(OHHH ing ovr Carmen not that fact that she dropped Pokey) and put her hands over her mouth. It was quite comical! Anyway BYE!!

Merci played her last T ball game yesturday in the horrible heat! Our team was 4 out of 10, before we started the playoffs and we won the 1st playoff and lost the second one last night. So our team of ALL first time players did pretty good I would say. Thanks Davey and Steph for coaching the Dick's Sporting Goods team!! Being that our team was sponsored by Dick's we never knew what to yell, because yelling "GO DICK"S" to a bunch of 4 and 5 year olds wouldn't be too good!

Oh yeah and this excitement of my friends (Andy and Aut first, and now Bek and Andy) going on getaways. Well our 5th anniversary is in November and you know maybe we want to go away..for the 1st time EVER in 5 years, so maybe some of you would watch the kids for a day????? Wink Wink Where should we go that is not oo expensive?? Any ideas?


Bek said...

andy suggests a cabin in hocking hills and i suggest a bed a breakfast, there is a beautiful place in ashtabula (my parents went there - i saw it online) called Peggy's u get a whole little cottage to yourself and really good food- its like $100-$120/nite - but its kinda hard to find things cheaper than that anyway...and we can watch little murse and eathe for one day! (sorry i like coming up with weird spellings for things)

Angela said...

Hocking Hills IS nice, and some cabins even have jaccuzis (sp??).

Donna said...

Hocking Hills will probably be nice especially inthe fall! Thanks

Jason said...

Hey, you all stole my bed and breakfast idea! Well, maybe I wasn't the first one to think it up...but that won't stop me from claiming so.

Autumn said...

If you really want to save some moo-lah you can pick a beautiful camping spot! ;)