Monday, July 04, 2005

Day 3: Cleveland Vacation

Hmmm..I said I wouldn't have time to blog to day but unfortunatley I do!Well we didn't do anything with my side of the family today. We went to the Schuster side! We were a little late though. See, the not so hurt ankle we thought it to be, turned into a spiral fracture! Yeah so after a very unpleasant night, my poor husband was screaming all night. His ankle was like 3 times the size with black and blue and his toes looked like little hot dogs. We wnt to ER. Josh will have to see an Orthopedic guy tommorow. ugggg! We need prayer friends and family, #1 we have NO insurance and little money, #2 Josh will be off work for at least well usually 6-8 weeks, #3 For quick healing and deliverance of pain, #4 for Faith, we have it but when things don't go the way went have faith for it is soooo hard! #5 for me! I was having a hard time keepin up with the house kids and all that now I have to be there for Josh in so many ways. I love to be there for him but I am so stressed out just from today, Lord gie me strength! Jesus I pray FREEDOM from the anxieties of life, Lord FREEDOM!! I declare over this household! We love you all for being there for us!! Bye!


Jason said...

So we were talking...and the 4th of July just wouldn't be the same if Josh wasn't hurt in some way. Way to keep the tradition alive! Unbeliveable. You tend to heal fast, so I better see you running around again in about 5 or 6 days, k?

Autumn said...

We're keeping Josh in prayer (and you too Donna!) Please call us if you need anything - dinner, childcare, you name it - and we'll help if we can!

Love you guys!

Bek said...

Lord, I am still standing on Autumn's healing. You came down in the midst of worship and healed CRACKED RIBS!! I am asking for a supernatural Coming-Down-ness of your Spirit into Josh's ankle. Jesus, we must see you.

I am reaally feeling the burden when i woke up this morn, Donna, to keep persevering in prayer. let me know whats going on. love u