Friday, July 08, 2005

Day 5: Cleveland Vacation

So on Wednesday we had a steak cookout here at our lovely, home. Bring your own steak and we had a potqatoe bar and build an ice cream sundae! I had A LOT of stuff to do inside and a ton of yardwork(Thanks Marsha for the hand). I haven't been able to keep up with house work because of this vacation, we are gone day and night and when we are home there is so much little daily stuf to keep up with. Usually I manage to nap and watch 1-2 shows and spend time with the kids and do my daily chores. Lately none of this has happened. I can't wait for next week, I need rest!!

Josh update: He is feeling better. He has a lot of pain at night though. We are excited to get the xray on Tuesday. WE ARE BELIEVING IN A HUGE HEALING TO BE DONE, WE CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THE AMAZEMENT ON THE DOCTORS FACE.PLEASE PRAY FOR FAITH AND HEALING!!Also Josh has been working full days since Tuesday(in the office) So God is already providing so much! Thanks for all of your prayers.

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Bek said...

yeah about josh getting to work full days in the office!! thank u Lord!! Thank u Lord for Josh feeling better - please take ALL the pain, Lord. Please Heal Him fully!!!!!!!!!

testimony time: this week my uncle pete who goes to wvcc, was at a family party and one of the kids was flicking the clothesline. randomly a clothespin flew off the line and hit him directly in the eye. he was in major pain. he rushed to the urgicare center and they said his eye was torn and he needed surgery the next day. he went home. my parents went over to pray with him. the next day he woke up and went to the surgeon. the guy looked at his eye beforehand and said "i don't know what u r doing here. your eye looks 99% better. give it another few days and it'll be totally better. " yeah God!!!!!!!! my uncle could not believe it!! he went to all his unsaved relatives and told them the news!!! so that was my faith pumper of the weeek!