Sunday, July 03, 2005

Day 2: Cleveland Vacation

Today we started off by going to church! We then drove really fast to the best buffet in
town...The 100th Bomb Squad is now open again!! We have waited years! They have SOOOOO much food. So we stuffed our faces and it is now 7:35 and I am just starting to feel a little bit hungry...that is 8 hours later. We then went home for a few hours and had a nice nap. We then ventured to Mastick Woods to have a walk and play in the river! Did I mention my mother took Merci to the beach so we had a nice peaceful day with Ethan. I do miss my little princess though! Too much quiet and I don't know what to do!
Oh yeah...Josh got hurt, what a surprise! He climbed this tree, it wasn't a huge dangerous tree or anything, he wanted to look at the river. Well he figured if he jumped down he had better chance of not falling. Like I said it wasn't a big tree, so I didn't even yell at him. Well he jammed his ankle pretty bad, it is all swolled up and he can't really walk on it. I am praying God will heal it by tommorow. I am not too worried, it isn't black and blue or anything. My sweet Joshy Pooh!
I don't think I will have time to blog tommorow but there is no adventures tommorow on our Cleveland vacation, we will all be going off on our own!
Happy 4th of July!! Happy Birthday Ben Powers and Happy 5 years of engagement to US!!!

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Bek said...

andy and i are praying for Josh. we apply the blood of Jesus to Him. I am continually reminded of the destiny beyond imagination that I know is over your family, Donna. yEs, Happy 4th to everyone, as Andy and I will be staying in today, and then going to ihop. love u all