Sunday, July 10, 2005

Day 8: Cleveland Vacation

A worn out Merci falls asleep holding her baloon!

Moriah, Merci, Clarissa and Alayna in the "hot tub" (Since there is only 1 inch of water it gets warm really quick so they callit their hot tub)

My birthday girl!!

This PINK entry is dedicated to my Merci who turned 5 today. How time flies. I have a 5 year old. I just can't get over it! Today we had a birthday party for Merci and 5 of her little friends. It went really well. We decorated little frilly pillows with puff paint, we decorated cupcakes and made ice cream sundaes, both of which were a HUGE mess. We has a pinata, and went swimming. Lots of fun!!

In the evening my wonderful friends Kelly and Jason watched my little Ethan again ( 2 times in 1 week) so we could got to Swings N Things to celebrate Merci's birthday with our family! Merci brought along her friend Yesenia (who is just as wild and crazy as was a long night). We played games, went on the bumper boats, tried to put put (they were bored after the 3rd hole), and played in the Kiddie Korner. A LONG LONG DAY FOR EVERYONE!!


Bek said...

props to u donna, you r quite a mom!!

Jason said...

Donna, we had it easy. Like I said, we'd be fine with Ethan even if you forgot the pacifier, and we were. You had the tough job with Merci and Jesse, together, at the same time (I know that's redundant - but I want to let that sink in).