Saturday, July 16, 2005

It's Saturday, I think I am the only one doing NOTHING

Hello everyone who will not be checking their blogs today, because they all have something to do! I do have something to do tonight, but until then it is a normal boring day of housework and poopy diapers! Oh well.
So anyway.....Last night Ethan was crabby, so I took him to the store with me. Ethan just doesn't like to sit around the house very much, he likes to be out and about with lots of things to look at. We went to Value World (thrift store). I had a coupon for 50% off if you spend $20! So I wen Ebay shopping. I got 12 things and paid $13. Chek them out I have a link on my blog for the stuff I am selling. Every single one was name brand, Tommy, CK, Gap, Mudd, Adidas, Carters. If I sell all of it, well 3 things were for me, so if I sell the 9 things at the lowest price I started them out at, I will make over $40. How about that! That makes me happy! I love EBAYING! You should try it. It is soooooo easy, addicting too. You guys alk about how much you check blogs..which I am guilty of but, I check ebay just as much. So I am doubly bad. You should buy stuff on ebay too, for those of you with kids you can find GREAT prices. Even for yourself..womens jeans are so easy to come by cheap in most cases too! I sell all my womens jeans for under$15 (inc shipping). try it!
Well I think I will go finish the movie we started last night, Million Dollar Baby, good so far! See most of you tonight. TTYL BYE!


Bek said...

donna - well all i'm doing is cleaning my house and moving furniture around and trying to deal with my teething son who WONT TAKE A NAP!!!! while andy is working :( and so i keep randomly checking blog and don't feel too bad

Autumn said...

We didn't have anything planned today except *maybe* the 20somethings cookout (not going) and then the other which we are really excited about.

This morning we did a spur-of-the-moment thing and took the kids to Memphis Kiddie Park for the first time. I think Andy and I had more fun watching them than they had riding the rides! It was a ball. I'll be posting pics on my blog soon.

Other than that we had nothing to do either... oh except take a good long nap!!!