Thursday, October 11, 2007

Blue Guy and plagiarizing

Blue Guy(Ethan's beta fish), died yesterday morning, he hasn't been looking very good, but really what can you do for a sick fish?

When I noticed fishy on the bottom of the bowl, I immediately brought the bowl into Ethan, who didn't believe he was dead because he was still moving around in the water (due to my movement). I informed Ethan that we would have to flush the fishy in the toilet, he yelled,
"NO, I still love him."

It just broke my heart.

He finally agreed, and now our fishy is in toilet bowl heaven.

This morning when I asked him if he missed fishy, he said "Yes, me buy a new froggy."
Great! Now he wants a little swimming froggy ( I love froggies by the way...stuffed ones mostly.)

***So remember that cute little poem Merci wrote the other day...what a little plagiarizer... Ethan was watching Dragon Tales today and I hear "Go away Go away, that is not how friends play" What the heck, that little sneak. We will be having a talk about lying and plagiarizing later this evening."***


Shanilie said...

Aww too cute! That is so sweet that he said he still loved his fish. Thankfully things were better after a good sleep. As for the poem!!! Too funny. I even find JAcob saying things and the only reason I know what he is talking about is because I have seen one too many kids shows lol

Crystal said...

Awww, Ethan has a big heart. How cute! And Merci, you little stinker! Haha!