Monday, June 18, 2007

Pet Insurance

We don't have any pet's at the moment, but have in the past. And let me tell you , THEY ARE EXPENSIVE! Our cat got into a fight and his wound get infected really bad, they wanted me to get this drainage thing put in, only for $1000. That was a few days before Ethan was born...I had my medical bills to worry about, not the cats. We decided to try meds and thankfully they worked.

2 of my aunts have 5+ dogs, with the statistics of 1 in every 3 pets will need emergency vet treatment yearly, they are most likely to rack up some bills at the vets! They need to get pet insurance.

Pet medical procedures are just as expensive as medical procedures for humans.

Pet insurance allows you to proceed with the best course of action recommended by your veterinarian, not what you can afford. You are able worry less about the finances, and concentrate doing the right thing for your sick pet.

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