Thursday, June 14, 2007


Right now I know so many people try to sell their home.
The real estate market is a bad one for sellers. Good thing we need to buy a home in the near future, I am sure we will be able to get a great deal!
My poor grandma has tried selling her home two different times now.
She has a huge old home in a decent suburb, yet her home isn't selling.
If we could afford it we would buy it, but it is too expensive for our first home=(
Hopefully within the next year we will be able to buy.
God's got the perfect home for us and he is just preparing it, I just can't wait!

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Crystal said...

Dear God, I pray that you would continue blessing Josh and Donna and their precious family. You have brought so many blessings into their lives in the past year and I pray that your favor would pour out on them as they continue to serve you. God will provide you guys with the PERFECT home, I have no doubt!