Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What to buy?

Did you realize Father's Day is SUNDAY??

Yikes. I have a few ideas for Josh but not sure they are anything special.

My husband loves tools, I could go buy his some DeWalt tools, but why, when he can buy them for his business use and write them off.

He mentioned something about wanting a baseball mit, which is good because he is not a sports guy, but he needs to teach his kids how to play. So that would be a good idea, but I just feel it isn't special enough.

He also keeps bugging me to go to the Sketchers store at the mall so he can get some nice shoes, I won't let him because I would be jealous and want some too. So maybe I will get him a gift card.

He loves to go to this expensive breakfast buffet that is only on Sundays, but we have to teach children's church that morning.

Decisions, decisions.

Any ideas??

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Crystal said...

I like the sketchers gift card idea!