Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Clean, Clean, Clean

M's party is Saturday and I feel like I have been cleaning FOREVER. The house was a mess and so out of order as well as the yard so I had to catch up and now I am just doing regular maintenance to keep things in order for guest on Saturday.

The one thing I was dreading cleaning was the bathroom.
Our tub is an old porcelain tub that has lost it's top coat of clear protectant.
It is so hard to get clean.

I received my trial Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubber in the mail just in time!!
I am a huge fan of scrubbing bubble to clean my tub, but even more excited that it would be even easier.

Statistics say that 19% of women have confessed to peaking behind others shower curtains while visiting.
And that my friends is EXACTLY why I clean my shower/tub thoroughly before we have company.

It is an excuse really, because otherwise I put off cleaning the shower/tub as long as I can!
The surround is brand new tile we just put in before Christmas, so it looks nice, but the soap scum builds up quick and the shiny new tiles look so dingy.

So anyway, on to the Action Scrubber.
It was so easy to take with me into the shower
(yep, I just get in clean the shower and then clean myself up!)
I didn't have to worry about getting the spray in my eyes or anything, just picked up the scrubber attached a cleaning cloth and went to work.
And it worked great!

I did have to use like 3 cloths, maybe because I have put it off so long, and probably because of the tub situation, dirt soaks in so much more.
Other than that, it was perfect!

I would recommend trying it out.

I love when companies make life, and cleaning so much easier on us!!


Jenna said...

I just bought one of these before I left for my trip... haven't used it yet but I'm glad you found it helpful... the tub/shower is my least favorite spot to scrub!

FlipFlop Mom said...

Ok.. OK... I PEEK... sometimes!! I also heard that people rummage through your drawers and med cabinet... Glad I have no med cabinet.. and I have one drawer... NOTHING exciting that's for sure!! LOL LOL