Friday, June 27, 2008

Great Books

I like to read, but don't do so very often.
I don't like romance novels, I am actually not sure what I like.
I usually look at the new release shelves at the library and if one catches my attention I grab it. I start reading and if I don't get into it I take it back.

I have just read my 4th book by Sheryl Anderson and I can't wait for another.
So far there are 4 int he series: Killer Heels, Killer Cocktail, Killer Deal, and Killer Riff.

These books are mystery, but modern, fast paced, fun, and CLEAN (I like this part), there is a tiny bit of romance, but like I said clean and not overpowering.

I really have fallen in love with Molly Forrester (the main character, a journalist).

So if you like to read check out her books. Killer Heels is the first.

Party tomorrow ::excited:: 60 % chance of rain=(
Here is hoping!


Beth said...

I have found that I love nonfiction... the best book I have read lately is Escape by Carolyn Jessop. It tells the about her life growing up in the FLDS Church and how she escaped her polygamous marriage. Very interesting!!! I couldn't put it down. See you tonight!!

Renata said...

Just last month I was talking about how I don't read any fiction anymore (unless it's for kids). I don't like romances either so I may try these out.
Hoping the weather holds up nice for you tonight.

Gina said...

I'm always looking for good books. Thanks for the recommendations!