Saturday, June 21, 2008

A week in pictures!



I asked the kids to turn off the TV and find something else to do. They listened and found out that the magnets stick to the rim around my counter tops (yes, I know they are ugly, as the rest of the kitchen, we rent, what am I supposed to do!)
They had much fun, so who am I to complain.


Later that day they were playing with Moon Sand (they love it, I hate it, HUGE mess, Oh well).
I was cleaning the basement and they were being good, when I came up they both had pants on their heads for chef hats, LOL.
I had to laugh. Such a creative idea.


I desperately needed a night out so I asked my mom if she would watch my kiddos.
It is easier to get her to sit on a whim than with plans.
She is getting old and loosing her memory ( HAHA, knew you would read this).

I was thinking of going to Quaker Steak and Lube, but after seeing we both picked dressier outfits we decided to go somewhere not so casual.
We decided to try a place we never have before.
Wild Mango
Boy was it nice.
Check out our food!


Mine=Chicken Trio
3 types of chicken, all so yummy!!

Josh's=Surf & Turf

This was my dessert, the basket is some kind of sugar and edible.
It was so pretty.

Josh's Tiramasu

All the food was wonderful, and we will definitely be adding this to our fav's even though pricey.
Forgive the poor pictures due to poor lighting (romantic though), and me trying to be discrete about taking pictures of our food...LOL


Next Saturday is Merci's b-day party (her real b-day is July 9, but we will be on vacation!!).
I found piniatas at a local discount store for $1.99, how awesome is that!!
The Barbie one they had for girls was not going to go well with our Luau theme so I redecorated.
I think it is awesome (and it was cheap!!)
What do think??




I even did the other side to match!


L said...

That Pinata turned out awesome!
you've been busy, nice work!

Beth said...

I love the kids chef hats!! Too cute!

VICTORIA said...

Cute Cute! Redecorating the pinata was a great idea!

teamcraun said...

Wild Mango looks yummy! We have never been there!