Monday, June 16, 2008


Most of us don't look forward to Monday's.
Our husbands go back to work, we have to go back to the mundane daily life we live.

Mine started off extra good (insert lots of sarcasm here).
E was up at 6:30, what the heck???
I didn't get up til 7:30ish, I made him go back to his room, which he didn't do, he proceeded to wake up his sister and the fighting began.

We go ready and left to take Merci to summer school.
My Jeep has been having some issues.
But it died at the stop sign 4 houses down for the second time in one week.
Last time it started back up after a few tries, this time no such luck.
(I am thankful it wasn't anywhere else and Josh was still home)
We tried jumping it and it won't stay running, so the guys pushed my car backwards up the driveway!

Fun, FUN.

We took my brothers ghetto car to the store and tot he library, Merci skipped school today!

I am confident the day will get better, I am going to concentrate on doing my work unto the Lord!
( I better not have a bad attitude in praising Him!!)


Wendy said...

Oh bad day has been passed along to you:( I hope that nothing too major is wrong with your jeep.

Chas said...

Car problems are the pits! I hope it's up and running ASAP!!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh, I do hope your day got much better!