Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dear Mom

Dear, Mom

I know how it might be hard to have a craby kide in your life. I nwo how it feels. I try my hardest but when it coms to soap or hotsas it maks me stop trying my hardest.

Sinserly, Merci
(spelling errors, hers)

Dear Merci,

I hope one day you get a taste of your own medicine. I hope your daughter displays some of (not all) of your bad behaviors, because lets face it, I want you to know WHY I made you eat hot sauce and why I just couldn't handle you anymore so I sent you to your room for hours ( I did let you down for dinner). You just don't listen and you NEVER shut your mouth.
It is so annoying, dad and I like quiet, we like peacefulness and you do NOT understand this. Now don't get me wrong, we do accommodate you. I love you and I am sure you will live, since one drop of hot sauce won't kill you, really you would have thought it was by the way you acted, but I promise I will greet you with a hug and smile when you wake up in the morning. And we start this all over again.

Love, Mommy

PS The hot sauce wasn't because she wouldn't shut up, it was because she threatened her brother.


L said...

Oh, such fun summer times huh?
Its inevitable. They are home for all those hours they were use to being at a structured school. And they are bored, so they drive US INSANE.
Been there, done that, and will be dealing with it all summer long. And next summer too!
Hope today is a better day for you guys~

Melissa said...

Good for you with the hot sauce! I can see myself doing that in a couple of years. Cute letters.

Wendy said...

LOL! I am so sorry but I totally have to laugh:) Wesley and Merci are the same age and act EXACTLY alike. I thought it might be different for girls and boys. This is going to be a LONG summer. UGH!! I even MADE him go play video games yesterday so I could have 30 minutes of silence. GEESH!!

VICTORIA said...

THAT is priceless!
We are having some issues here too...another DS/Wii restricted time for Drew.
What is it with summer weather bringing so much attitude?