Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Staring into relaxation

After some days you just need to "Get Away."

My favorite line to say to Josh after a long day is "I'm Done."

Today was one of those days.

I was watching my brother and sister in law (11 &12), and granted they did keep my kids occupied it was still hard to meet everyone's needs and answer everyones question. The squabbles were much more than normal too.
Not a horrible day, just different, 2 extra people to take care of and make sure happiness abounded.

I would loved to have hopped in my hot tub with a glass of wine and stared off into relaxation.

Isn't it beautiful?
(Much better than those big bulky hot tub covers you normally have to stare at.)

I have a mural of an African savanna on my bedroom wall and I love to just stare off, and relax.

This is one of those hot tub accessories that I would HAVE to have.
Easy to install, affordable and pleasing to your eyes=)

So if you want to add some relaxation into your evening, but a hot tub and then buy a spa scene=)

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