Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Slippery when pledged!

Today I was detail cleaning this bureau of drawers that I have in my dining room (old hand me down from my great grandmother).
I sprayed some pledge all over it to shine it up and it must have got on the kitchen floor so E has slipped on it twice and I have almost fell a few times myself, kinda funny!

E is sleeping quite long, I am very impressed and Merci hasn't left her room
(usually she leave to tell me stupid stuff at lest 100 times)
I think I will give them each 1 marble in the jar!

My laptop won't connect to the wireless network, I have no idea why.

My husband was reading my blog the other day, when there were a lot of paid posts in a row, he was making fun of me. He thought my posts were cheesy=(
I made $40 on those posts, so cheesy or not, Target here I come=)

Got a call from a friend/pastor we know.
We sent them an encouragement letter and a monetary gift.
God used it in a big way for them.
They will keep and cherish the letter forever.
Thanks Lord for using us in YOUR plan.

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