Monday, June 09, 2008

My Weekend

This weekend was a LONG weekend.


Because of the sweltering weather conditions we decided to take the Sea Doo out for a spin at a nearby beach (one that is less than 5 miles away we never went to because of the cleanliness, but I guess we will be there lots this year). We were there for so long and we all had so much fun!
It is crazy when the sun is going down and it is still HOT out.


I had a garage sale, at out annual street sale. It sucked, it was HOT and we spent the whole $15 we made=) The lady across the street sells her yummy Puerto Rican food!!
We then headed to the in-laws to a good bye/birthday party for Josh's brother who is leaving for boot camp. The kids swam and were entertained. Since I was still weak from my sickness this past week, I rested on the couch a lot.


We headed to church, ran to pick up a gift, and headed to Pump it Up for a birthday party! Came home and decided to go back tot he beach for some more Sea Doo fun!

That is where the stress began. I wasn't really up for it, a little bit but I would have rather stayed at home and sat on the couch for some down time. Oh well.

If you read my previous post you know we witnessed a drowning, so sad, the man actually didn't make it. It makes it hard when you saw him pulled out of the water with your own eyes. I know I will be a state of panic the rest of the Summer riding the Sea Doo or even swimming.

Right after the incident the overly crowded (record crowds) all decided to clear the beach and within 10 minutes of that a huge storm rolled in so it took forever to get out of the parking
lot and back home. And as Josh was taking the Sea Doo out he gashed his foot...too much stress for one beach trip. (Oh and the Sea Doo is still not working right, to top it off).

So I was glad to have a semi chilled day (not outside). The kids are resting now and I am catching up on bills and blogs!


Wendy said...

It was so hot here also:( I wish we could have spent the entire time at the lake near our house. The water is still only in the 50's. I am sure the 6 day's of oppressive heat is warming it up though.

Crystal said...

Oy! You, my dear sister in law, are one busy woman! If you and Josh want to get away for a day or two let us know. Merci has been asking to spend the night recently and I'd take her up on it! Just let us know and we'll plan something so the two of you can have a break. Love you!