Monday, June 23, 2008

This week

I am so excited, and probably have mentioned to most of you already, but the kids are in VBS.
Even Ethan. That means about 3 hours to myself!! During the day...what am I going to do??
I am sure to find something to occupy myself!

Today I didn't do anything too fun, I actually stayed with E for 45 minutes, went to Panera for some breakfast and computer time. (I felt so worldly, at Panera, cafe Mocha in had, sitting there at the table all by my lonesome with my laptop!)
And then I went grocery shopping, to the bank and a quick return at Target.
It was an enjoyable time, alone.

Tomorrow I think I will go to breakfast alone again and to the mall as soon as it opens!

Off to tend to REALLY whiny son, he cried for a hour and a half before nap, finally fell asleep, and is now up 30 minutes later crying his head off again.
Too bad those 3 hours weren't enough today.

I am refreshed and have barely yelled, it is all HIM.

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Andrea said...

Yay for feeling refreshed!! Hope you have a great rest of the week too!!