Monday, April 07, 2008

You MUST celebrate

Did you know today is NO HOUSEWORK DAY???

I will try my hardest to participate..though I think it is impossible=)
Good idea though.

If I would have know sooner I would have stayed out and shopped some more...LOL.


VICTORIA said...

For me to compete, I would have to hide, lock myself somewhere so I could not see any part of my home in order to avoid lifting a finger. It's impossible to have a NO housework day in my house!

Melissa said...

oh man, I already cleaned my bedroom, But I will take the rest of the day off! haha!

Crystal said...

I haven't done anything yet. Though I think that the kitchen and the laundry and the bathroom are calling my name LOL.

amy said...

no problem here! every weekday is no housework day - i can only manage on weekends for now.

Bek said...

i celebrated without knowing

Michelle B. said...

Hey, Donna I finally received my chocolate. It has been in the office since Thur. hrrrr. It took two seperate trips to the office before someone was finally there. The candy look so good.
Michelle B.