Thursday, April 03, 2008

A million

Things I have planned to blog about for awhile and never did!

So here is a long to post with pictures to make up for it. Sorry if it is boring, but this is my place to document stuff and these are some things I don't want to forget!

~My grandma is officially moved.
I was the last one at the old house the other night, it was totally empty.
It was very emotional and I am glad I had some alone time there to cry:(
I am 27 and EVERY holiday in my life was celebrated there with my family, not to mention other memories we made there. Josh and I at one time thought we would purchase it, but it was not our time.

I left a business card on the counter (on Tuesday) since the house is a slate roof (my husbands business), and he already e-mailed us to take a look at a few things.

~Here is a picture of E and his friend N with the easter bunny. They are best friends, only a few weeks apart me and his mom we preggo together, it was fun!

~The cutest puppy dog ever:

~A night of monopoly, 10 people, 5 boards and after 6 hours we still weren't done.
So much fun though. E stayed up till 2 am watching Spiderman 1 and 2 with my aunt.

~I was getting my make-up done, E decided to do his own.

~One of my bros, isn't he cute?

I will leave it at that, and finish up another time.


Wendy said...

You know me!! I LOVE pictures, so I loved this one:) Sorry to hear about the sadness that went with selling Grandma's house. I felt the same when my Gparents sold theirs. I drive by each time I go out to Illinois and just cry. Especially since they changed so much that my Gram loved about it:(

Renata said...

My hubby was just mentioning yesterday how many memories he has associated with his grandparents' home. I grew up on the other side of the world from my grandparents, so I don't have those memories.