Monday, April 21, 2008


Ethan and I went to the zoo today!
Merci gets to go with her class soon, so we took advantage of the beautiful day.
It was very nice, not too crowded, but there were a lot of animals not on exhibit, there were barely any food stands etc opened.
We renewed our membership today, so we will definitely go back.

My husband in currently next door working on the roof...OH MY.
Now I know why I don't think about what he does at work.
He reminded me of the spider monkeys at the zoo=)


L said...

It must be scary to see him at work, but impressive at the same time. Im glad you guys had a good day out. Before you know it, it'll be you E and M home for the summer. That should be an interesting adjustment. I know ours will be!
Let me know when we can plan a get together!

Wendy said...

YAY for zoos:) I love going!! All of our good zoos are far away though. I would love to buy a season pass. I can't even imagine watching your hubby up on all those roofs. UGH:( I am so afraid of heights and it gives me the absolute chills to see anyone else up too high.