Saturday, April 26, 2008

We've joined

...the club of stitches and split chins today.

That's right, my baby boy had to get 3 stitches under his chin today.
My first time as a mom to take my kid to the hospital for an accident.
(Thank goodness we were with friends...God knew I needed someone with me)

He was incredibly brave and barely cried.
(Good thing I grabbed a whole box of fruit snacks...which were the culprit in the first place...he was climbing on the table to get them)

His best friend was there with him and all he wanted to do was go play with him in the
waiting room.

(Good thing E packed his book bag full of toys that morning)


Melissa said...

Poor little guy! Hope he feels better today!

Wendy said...

awww! Poor E!! Give that brave boy lots of lovin'!!!

amy said...

ouch! what a little tough guy - :)

VICTORIA said...

I dread the injuries that boy will have. I can see the 'no fear' attitude in his eyes. I sure hope your boy is feeling okay! What a trooper lettin' Mom take that pic.

~Billie~ said...

Poor guy! What a brave little man he is. Those darn fruit snacks! =P

Chas said...

Aww..poor kiddo. Hopefully, this will be his only set of stitches for a long time.