Wednesday, April 02, 2008

::Cool:: & ::NOT Cool::

::I want Josh to make me one of these: cool fire pits
Did I ever tell you that my husband can do anything!!??::

::I heard about this magazine and might subscribe to it::

::I was told about a great Christian station, that plays hip music::

::My hubby came home the other day and put a $50 bill in my shirt, going here to spend it::
(I am a boring jeans and t-shirt girl)

Update: The Not Cool

I have been cleaning like a mad women today, the house is just a mess, and I am sick of it.
I guess I missed when Ethan took a popscicle out of the freezer and put it in my PURSE.
What the heck??

I started laughing at myself and I am yelling, "Why did you put the popsicle in my purse? Does mommy put popscicles in her purse??" LOL.

But seriously, who puts popsicles in purses?
A homemade on with yogurt and raspberries at that.

Mess 3

The leftover stick.

Mess 2

Oh..and yeah, that is my camera covered in melted goo, I used my iphone to take pics.
You can just rinse camera's off.

Mess 1

I was on my way out the door, needless to say I grabbed my license and left.

???Does a mom ever get a break???


Wendy said...

Holy hell...I can't believe that he put that pop in your purse!! I would have totally flipped:( But, I LOVE that fire pit...totally cool!!

Jenna said...

Oh Ethan! I too would not be pleased!