Friday, April 18, 2008

Flaunt it Friday!

Just because the weather is getting warmer doesn't mean the ice cream truck should drive around the neighborhood all night an annoy us parents.

With that being said, let me tell you what this weeks Flaunt it Friday topic is all about!

Your favorite childhood TV show.

It was really hard for me to decide so I will name a few I remember watching ALL the time.

I guess these are from when I was a bit older but, I loved them and never missed a show.

1.) Saved By The Bell
I was a huge Zack fan!!!

2.) Family Matters
Steve Urkel is the best!
Where are shows like this for our kids to watch??

3.) Full House
I had a crush on Uncle Jesse=)

4.) Does anyone remember ALF??
I was crushed when they stopped airing it.

I think I need to buy all these seasons to these shows so my kids can enjoy be annoyed that I made them watch these silly shows them like I did

There you have it , My Friday Best!


Candi said...

It shows that you and I are very close in age...LOL!! I loved all those shows, too!!

Candi said...

Oh yeah---I meant to comment about the ice cream truck. The other night one came by here (there are actually 2 that make their rounds) and it was playing Christmas music---so annoying!! My front door was open and he could see my boys standing at the door staring at him and he parked right there. I was so annoyed that there was no way I was going to buy something from him!!

Wendy said...

Man...that totally could have been my list:) Of course I was a few years older, but I loved them all!! I still watch some of them on Nick at Night!!

Crystal said...

I loved all 3 of those! I had a crush on Slater from SBTB! Remember Step by Step? And Fresh Prince (love Will Smith!) and Boy Meets World? Oh, and Home Improvement (I was a HUGE J.T.T fan!) And OMG, the Cosby's! And we can't forget Sister,Sister! (OK, now I'm rambling).

Me said...

Alf was definitely one of my favourites! I saw the show on dvd the other day and am still considering whether to buy it or not. :)

Gina said...

Fun post although I can't comment on many of those shows. It shows how much younger you are than me!