Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A God Thing

I thought this was something I should share.
Testimony is great prophesy.

Saturday I was preparing for the Sunday school class I had to teach the next day.
I went to our still overflowing bowl of Easter candy, and was trying to find a candy that there was a lot of.
I chose smarties.
There were 11 packages of smarties, and then I chose Hershey kisses, there were also 11 (without nuts...you never know about allergies).
I said a quick little prayer, "Lord let there be only 11 kids, that would be neat."

Sunday comes and I am counting kids to see if I can give the kids one of each candy or not.
Guess what?
There were exactly 11 kids=)

It is great that He has a sense of humor=)


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Haha! How fun!

Chas said...

Hehe, how funny!