Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lots O Pics

My front is so cute ain't it??
I wish Id taken when when more flowers were blooming, the pansy's look sad.
The wicker set was from the tree lawn, I spray painted it to make it whiter and it is so cute!

The pansy's aren't doing well (they were early summer), but this curly grass is doing great, I just LOVE it! It looks fake. (See Milo in the window??)

You give a city woman, .24 acres and she grows corn...LOL.
It is so cute...who will get to eat the 1 ear of corn??

waterfall...this is what happens when you leave the hose on and go play on facebook;)

Hey at least they have extra room to play, right?

This is what we found in our pool after a few days of rain...ICK.

These are our tadpoles (3), 2 now have full back legs and overnight grew front legs.
They are so incredibly cute!!

This was one of our frogs, they were so itty bitty.

Awe, I miss them already. All 3 frogs died=(

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Mike and Amy said...

the porch looks great! so inviting!