Thursday, July 16, 2009

Birthday Party Bash

It is party season over here!
We had a 4th of July party, then the following Saturday we had Merci's Rock Star party, and then in a few weeks we will have Ethan's birthday party.
All of these parties are not a problem, because I LOVE having parties.
I am a hospitable person, what can I say!

I was super excited to receive one of Wii's newest games BEFORE it was on sale to the public!

Birthday Party Bash

We got it the day of Merci's party!
We played around with it before the party, and were excited to use it if we ran out of stuff to do, which we didn't...but we haven't been so lucky for Ethan's parties in the past. We usually get rained out....BUT
I really think that this doesn't have to be used for a party, but as fun for the family in general.
You can play games, decorate, and even race to open presents (more fun things too, I was just busy preparing for Merci's party while my husband played around with the game) all with only your Wii remote...How FUN is that???

It was fun learning the ropes and seeing all the fun things to do.
We were not short on laughs, that is for sure!
I see a FUN family night in the future and definitely a back up plan for E's party!!!

Thank you Wii for providing so much fun for everyone!
Thank you Mom Central for this great opportunity!

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Wendy said...

We played this game while we were in Colorado. Sheila also received it from Mom Central. It was SOOOO fun:) The kids loved it!!