Monday, July 27, 2009

Do I really make any money?

I have sold stuff on ebay for years. I used to keep very good track of exactly how much I would make for each item after, insertions fees, final value fees, shipping, fees from paypal etc. I think I made decent $ for each item back then, but now...fees are higher and I don't keep as good track of all the fees that pile up, so I really don't think I make anything after all is said and done.
I need to market my items better.
It also seems like the more you have up the more you sell.
I need to learn more of the ins and outs.
Like I heard if your auction ends on Thursday it is more likely to sell...seems true for me.
Maybe I need to do a LOT of clothing instead of 1-2 items.
But I recelty heard about free online auctions, definitley worth looking into, but new companies like this scare me, there seems to always be a catch. Have you heard of them???
I will keep you updated if I fins out anything else.


Donna said...

I just got done with this post and then in my inbox was a message about all this new stuff ebay is doing to help sellers out....funny!

Sarah said...

I used to Ebay a ton and just got away from it for the past couple of years...however, I am planning to start again because they're doing the 'list 5 items for free each month' deal