Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lucky Duck

I was a lucky duck a few Christmas's ago when my hubby VERY much surprised me with my very own iPhone, I was the cool girl on the block;)
But now HE is the cool one...he went out and upgraded his iPhone to a 3G S today!
His is the owner of his company and really needed a phone, so he gets to write it well as 80% of his phone bill!
Me, well I am not an employee, so therefore, it is all our cost...and since I am home all day with 2 computers, I really don't need a 3G S. It would be fun, but not needed by any means.

Now don't think we are a family that runs out and buys the newest gadgets like iPhones, game systems and Mp3 players, because generally we aren't.
The only other NEW thing Id like to get is a Nintendo DS takes pictures...and you can dress up the pictures with funny eyes etc...I just think it be fun for the kids...but we will wait until we can get a used one for cheap...maybe a Christmas present?

Oh and by the way my husband deserves any new thing he wants...he works his butt off for us, so if he wants something I usually insist!
Just not a kayak;)

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