Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Always something....

It is so nice that my kids are older and I am able to decorate my home how I want (no kids to take my pictures down or candles or vases...), I don't need cabinet locks, or bathroom safety products, baby gates...the list goes on.

BUT I do have cats now, and would love to have half that stuff I mentioned. They get into cupboards, jump on top of everything, go in rooms I don't want them in...but most of all...they get dirty cat prints all over in my bathtub and toilet, not sure how their paws get that dirty (problem from the basement that has halted construction due to heavy work season...and hasn't been cleaned up), but it is SO AGGRAVATING!!

I cannot close the bathroom door, because my son...he is funny...he has the hardest time opening up doors...of any kind...that is another post for another day!

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