Thursday, July 23, 2009

I am taking the plunge

Let me start by saying, I do NOT like Dave Ramsey or the like.
I am so sick and tired of hearing about all these guys.
Sorry to offend anyone...but I have my reasons...and will not go into them in this post.

Josh and I really are trying to do better about watching our $ and trying to save a bit more and be aware of where our $ is going.

I have been wanting to try the envelope system, but have had a hard time finding a place to start with it....I have found it. I started it Tuesday. I made out envelopes and decided on amounts for envelopes. Yesterday I went to the bank and took out the $ for the envelopes. and then I found a better (and cuter) "envelope."

Take a look:

I bought this cute little pouch while at Old Navy yesterday...I did make sure
paper $ would fit nicely, before I bought it.

I cut out pieces from manila folders, added tabs and put my $ in each section.


Jenna said...

That's a great idea! Reid and I have been talking about doing this as soon as we get back from our vacation. Please let us know how it works for you!

Renata said...

Although I admire the way DR got out of debt, I couldn't stand listening to his radio show.

amy said...

lol about buying a cuter envelope!
we did the cash thing for a couple of years. using one credit card now (within a budget) works better for us, and we earn gift cards from it.

Crystal said...

It's absolutely adorable! Let us know how it goes!